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20 June 2019

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In addition to the humid and hot weather of the summer months, our highlands have a wide range of fauna and flora, rich forests, rivers, crater lakes, landscaping rivers, rafting, mountain and nature walks, hunting and angling, canoeing and winter sports, healing waters, grass skiing, cultural life of ethics, local dishes.

Transhumance; Besides its economic and natural qualities, it is also important as a social perception. Going up to the plateau has been around since ancient times. As a great expression of traditions in the local culture, events are organized in the plateaus every year.

Kadırga Plateau Otçu Week activity, Şalpazarı Geyikli Fog Mountain activities, Akçaabat Hıdırnebi Plateau activity, Maçka Lişer Plateau Cold water activity, Foundation kebir Kara mountain Plateau activities are some of the festivities organized. Our plateaus are 40 km away from Çaykara park Hotel, which is suitable for the plateau architecture to fascinate foreign and local visitors and decorated with plants and flowers that love the moist environment.

The underground waters coming from the mountains almost flow in order to reach the sea.