20 May 2019

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Uzungöl is a unique place in terms of plants and wild animals. There are 60 mammal species such as grizzly bear, lynx, otter, deer, mountain goat, wolf, roe deer, badger in the forests of Uzungöl which receive heavy rainfall. You can also find more than 60 endemic plant species around Uzungol.

You will have the opportunity to color your holiday in Çaykara Park Hotel with the chirping of 250 bird species that you will encounter during your visit to Uzungöl. Because of all these features, the region has the status of Natural Protected Area.

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Lets talk about the picturesque, the lake has a unique view of the lake and welcomes you and your loved ones with all hospitality. The length of the lake is 1 km and its width is 500 meters. The depth of the lake sometimes exceeds 10 meters. In summer, the water of the lake is colder than sea water. There are also activities such as fishing in the lake with swimming facilities.

By choosing ÇAYKARA PARK HOTEL you will have the opportunity to experience all these beauties and you will have unforgettable memories.