20 June 2019

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TRABZON HAGIA SOPHIA, which is a very special historical and cultural heritage that you will visit as a day trip while enjoying the accommodation at Caykar Park Hotel, which is intertwined with the unique nature of the Black Sea, is one of the places you must see.

ÇAYKARA PARK HOTEL,81 km from the historical building is located in the Hagia Sophia neighborhood of Trabzon. Formerly known as the Church of Saint Sophia, this structure maintained its importance after the conquest and continued its activities.

Trabzon Hagia Sophia was built as a monastery church in 1260 by Kommenos family member King Manuel I, who had to flee with the invasion of Latinos and came to Trabzon and established a new state in 1204.

It was converted into a mosque in 1584 and used as a place of worship by Muslims until 1963. The place, which was closed for worship during these periods, was reopened in 2013 for Muslims to worship.

Hagia Sophia is derived from the term Hagia Sophia  which means “Sacred Wisdom’’ Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum is one of the most beautiful Byzantine churches. It was built with a square cross and has a high dome.