Garester Plateau

The Garester plateau is 26 km from Çaykara Park Hotel, just behind the hill at approximately 2350 altitude in the southern part of Uzungöl. Local people define the plateau as the End of the World. You really feel like you’re at the end of the world. Uzungol seems as if you are one step away from the summit of the Garester plateau.

In fact  the altitude of Uzungöl is 1150 and the altitude of Garester is 2350. The distance between the sketch is up to 300 meters. If you come here, make it back after dark. On the return route, watching the light of Uzungöl from the peaks gives tremendous pleasure. It feels like you’re looking at a residential area built on the ground over a 1000-meter wall. It is not enough to tell that visual, but we would like you to see  in particular.

With the recent interest in Uzungöl, Çaykara Park Hotel welcomes its guests in a very beautiful way and helps them to benefit from these excellent and extraordinary blessings.