Established in 2019, Çaykara Park Hotel started its journey with the motto of  “YOUR DREAM VACATION AND MUCH MORE” by offering the best to Turkish Tourism, Domestic and Foreign Guests with its Professional Service Approach. Caykara Park Hotel, which aims to undertake projects that support nature, humanity and social life, has adopted the principle of producing lasting value for our country.


Providing the best service to our domestic and foreign guests in a quality way to make them feel host with Turkish hospitality. The aim of this course is to provide and maintain the quality and comfort of domestic and foreign tourism as a standard by preserving the natural history, cultural heritage and values of the Black Sea and our country.



Satisfying the expectations of our local and foreign guests, our personnel and the people of the region at the highest level by being aware of the responsibility we take on behalf of our environment and our country, which is bound by ethical and legal principles respecting nature, society and person in our field of activity.

Putting our brand and future on strong foundations, keeping the customer satisfaction at the maximum level and reaching the better with the voluntary participation of our staff.



As a Çaykara Park Hotel, in order to contribute to the future of our country and to add value to our sector; provide permanant efficient and quality service. Keeping our competitive power alive in the sector, improving our quality continuously, providing the best working conditions for our staff. Caring about the training of our staff and keeping it updated, being intertwined with technological and sectoral innovations constantly, protecting the nature and the environment and customer-oriented thinking and improving solutions and services.




Çaykara Park hotel shows itself with the importance to our country’s tourism, nature, social and historical values, with its permanent and strong customer relations established in accordance with its goal of producing long-term value, and its determined attitude on social responsibility.